Car and Truck Storage

Indoor Vehicle Storage

Compact and small cars can fit in traditional storage spaces measuring 15 feet deep or more with a full size garage-style door. We always recommend you measure your vehicle to ensure it fits into the space you choose! For SUVs and pickups, you’ll also need to measure the height.

Full size automobiles will require a minimum depth of 20 feet (for example, a 10×20, 10×25, or 10×30 size space). To ensure you rent a space large enough, always measure your vehicle first, taking into consideration any additional length or width added by mirrors or hood ornaments!

When searching our storage spaces, be sure to note the width of the door. If your vehicle is wider than the door, it’s not getting in the space!

OutDoor Vehicle STorage

Berk’s Storage offers a variety of outdoor parking options that can accommodate all types and sizes of vehicles. Our outdoor parking spaces typically start at 20 feet; at some locations, we offer larger spaces to accommodate boats on trailers and recreational vehicles. In all cases, your vehicle must fit into the designated area.

Every outdoor storage space 10×20 (for a normal sized passenger car in case you were wondering) is only 40 bucks, yup we said it $40.00!