Storage Wars in Reading, PA

All auctions begin online at Self Storage Auction 10 days before the third (3rd) Saturday of every month.


Potential bidders must bid prior to the auction ending online on the 3rd Saturday monthly. We no long do live auctions at our locations and on premise. Bidding is for the entire unit contents. The auction is absolute. Sales are final when the purchase price has been paid and the property is removed from the facility or space is rented to store the goods.


There is only one $100.00 cash deposit for each winning bidder that has purchased multiple units in addition to the winning bid amount(s). This $100.00 deposit will be returned (within 1 business day) when the last purchased unit is cleaned out, broom swept and ready to rent. Items must be taken off premises within 3 (three) days. There will be a minimum daily charge of $5.00 per day for units not turned and cleaned out to management’s satisfaction beyond that time. Any misconduct of these rules or offending actions or violations of any laws, etc. will result in being banned from any future public sales.

Owner reserves the right to bid at Public Sale, reject any or all bids, and cancel or adjourn the sale.

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