Smart Unit Technology
by Storage Defender

No electrical power required, no wires, and instant easy install, Storage Defender helps protect self-storage units using smart technology to sense motion and movement inside any sized storage unit. Install in seconds and protect your items with ease and peace of mind. Storage Defender is the ultimate protection for your valuables stored in your unit. Storage Defender is an add on to any storage unit located at our Route 10, Route 625, and North Reading locations.

Motion Security

Monitor your storage valuables 24 hours, 7 days a week with our advanced motion detection technology inside of your unit. This state of the art technology will help identify unauthorized access for peace of mind. *installed at most units.

Fast Text Alerts

No need to download another application to your phone. Units equipped with Storage Defencer instantly alert you via text if there is a breech in your unit. Answer a simple YES or NO to confirm entry and disable the alarm.

Audible Alarm

If your unit is disturbed or opened and did not authorize it, and audible alarm will sound and alert the area and our staff there has been a breech. Our sitewide HD cameras will record & log events to assist in an investigation.

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