Questions and Answers

At Berks Storage we offer the storage, service, and solutions you’ve been looking for. We are a customer service oriented storage company with locations throughout Berks County. You’re sure to find a self-storage facility just around the corner from your home or place of business. Berks Storage provides Berks County and Reading, Pennsylvania with the most selection of affordable, secured storage solutions, full service 24 Hour Storage at the lowest price.

  • What is Self Storage?

    Self-storage is an affordable, efficient way for you to store your life’s possessions. Self-storage makes it easy to store items of all shapes and sizes in one convenient storage location.

  • How do I use Self Storage?

    Self-storage at Berks Storage can be used for many purposes:

    • As an extension of your home; a place to store seldom used items
    • A temporary housing facility while you transition from a location to another location.
    • To store seasonal items such as decorations or sports equipment
    • As a business storage solution to de-clutter your office
    • To free up garage space so you can actually park your car in it again.
    • Storage for a classic or unused vehicles(s) allowing more working room in your personal garage.
    • Many more non-listed items.

  • How do I know what size I need?

    Create a list of the items that you are going to be storing. Choosing the right size unit will ensure that you only pay for the storage you need. Visit our interactive size guide to determine exactly what size you will need, and then check out our helpful tips for maximizing your storage space!

  • How long do I need storage?

    Berks Storage recognizes the need to move your items out when the time is right. Our month to month rentals give you the flexibility to choose just how long you require your unit. Need more helpful tips? Please click here or call 610.685.5625 and one of our helpful self-storage experts will be glad to assist you. We offer storage, friendly service and solutions guaranteed to meet your expectations and beyond.

  • What is temperature-controlled and do I need it?

    In simple terminology, it is basically as if your items never left your heated and air-conditioned home. Temperature controlled storage units are climate controlled so your treasured belongings are not exposed to extreme temperatures. Our temperature controlled facilities are housed in an indoor finished building where dirt and dust are less likely to penetrate. This type of environment is ideal for storing furniture, photographs, discs/records, electronics, and other items which are most valuable.

  • Do I need to have a lock?

    We provide the lock ensuring that you, and only you, have access. You will be charged a one time lock fee. Certain locations depend on a style of lock to ensure the highest security. You will also be issued your own personal gate code to access the facility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Do I need insurance for my stored goods?

    Yes, you are responsible for those items you store in your individual unit, and insurance for those items we strongly encourage. We offer affordable self storage insurance options on premises. In the event that you are already covered, a copy of the declaration’s page must be available at the time of rental. We strongly recommend you insure your personal belongs as we are not responsible for individuals units. We insurance the facility, however, we cannot insure your times from theft, flood, fire, Acts of God, weather, vandalism, and various other natural and unnatural causes of disaster.

  • How do I get my items to the unit?

    Many of our locations have extra wide drive aisles, allowing your rental truck or movers easy access to your unit. We offer free hand-carts and/or dollies at all of our facilities. We recommend contacting one of our helpful managers at 610.685.5625 to check truck and hand cart availability.

  • How do I pay every month without having to drive to my site location?

    Berks Storage makes it convenient and simple for you to pay your monthly bill. The easiest method is to set up auto payments when you sign your lease. Make sure you ask your sales representative about this option. We understand not all of our customers want us to automatically debit their bank account. We have provided an easy ultra secure online payment service located by clicking here. Your information is not stored, and there are no additional fees for this service. Online payment is accessible 24 hours, 7 days a week and 365 days a year (as long as the computer is working).